Discover Sarawak

Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia covering an area of nearly125,000 square kilometers in the Borneo land mass. With such a large land area, Sarawak is home to an incredible range of tropical bio-diversity. With a population of around 2 million, Sarawak’s rich ethnic diversity offers a unique local experience at the very moment you step of the plane. All that stands between you and Sarawak is your desire for an adventure and experience that is waiting to happen.

From rainforest canopies to jungle wildlife, discover the diverse ecosystem of Malaysia’s largest state. A city of modernity yet cloaked with its rich historical charms, Sarawak is a place where commonality and peacefulness is a way of life. A paradise of adventure for the adventure buffs, from the land to the sea, from mild to vigorous, whatever the challenge; if you’re ready for it, you can be sure Sarawak will give you an experience like no other.