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About Sarawak Tourism Board PDF Print E-mail

Sarawak Tourism Board was incorporated under the Sarawak Tourism Board (Incorporation) Ordinance, dated 12 November 1994.

  • To achieve its objectives of increasing tourist arrivals into the state.
  • To create awareness among the trade, media and public of the diversity of Sarawak in terms of tourism products, both on a regional and international basis.
  • To position Sarawak as a prime destination for culture, nature and adventure tourism in the above areas.

Making Sarawak the naturally preferred tourism destination.


The STB Mission Statement is as follows:-
  • Positioning and promoting Sarawak as a safe and friendly eco-tourism destination.
  • Be the catalyst for tourism growth.
  • Providing networking and synergy among the official agencies and tourism partners.
  • Increasing awareness among Sarawakians on the benefits and importance of the tourism industry.
  • Enhancing performance through motivation and teamwork

  • To stimulate and promote tourism to and within Sarawak;
  • To stimulate, promote and market Sarawak as a tourist destination;
  • To organize, secure and enhance publicity in Malaysia and overseas for tourist attractions in Sarawak;
  • To engage or assist in the development of tourism in the State and to carry on such activities in association with the Government, any public or local authority, any corporation, any company, any body or any person or as managing agents or otherwise on this behalf, or enter into any arrangement with such bodies or persons for sharing profits, union of interests, co-operation, joint venture or reciprocal concession;
  • To make recommendations to the Minister on the measures and programmes to be adopted to facilitate and stimulate the development and promotion of the tourism industry in Sarawak and, where approved by the Minister, to implement or assist in the implementation of such measures and programmes; and
  • To liaise and co-ordinate with and make representation to the Malaysian Tourism Promotion Board or the Federal Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism on all matters relating to the enhancement of tourism and the development of the tourism industry in Sarawak.


  1. Y.B. Datuk Haji Talib Bin Zulpilip
    • Chairman
    • Minister of Tourism Sarawak
  2. Dato Ik Pahon Joyik
    • Deputy Chairman
    • Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Sarawak
  3. Puan Laura Lee Ngien Hion
    • Deputy State Financial Secretary
  4. YBhg Dato Mirza Mohammad Taiyab
    • Ketua Pengarah Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board (MTPB)
  5. Mr. Thomas Law
    • Deputy General Manager Sarawak Forestry Corporation Sdn. Bhd.
  6. YBhg Datuk Hajah Raziah Mahmud-Geneid
    • Managing Director, Kumpulan Parabena Sdn. Bhd.
  7. YBhg Datuk Captain Mohd Nawawi Hj. Awang
    • Chief Executive Officer MASWings Sdn. Bhd.
  8. Mdm. Audrey Wan Ulok
    • President, Sarawak Tourism Federation (STF)
  9. Puan Dayang Azizah By Abang Zaidan
    • Chairman Malaysian Association of Travel & Tour Agents (MATTA)
  10. Mr. Keith William Pointer
    • Chairman, Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) (Sarawak Chapter)
  11. Mr. Jason Tai Hee
    • Executive Director Pansar Company Sdn. Bhd.
  12. Mr. Troy Yaw Chee Weng
    • Director Samling Strategic Corporatopn Sdn. Bhd.

    • Local/Foreign Media
      • Editorial contribution
        • We encourage local media (within Sarawak) contribution in the forms of news write-ups, caption report, feature writing, photos/images and links.
        • All editorial content, shall be protected by copyright laws and other laws and international treaties, and belong to STB and/or its contributors.
        • Contents have to be relevant to Sarawak’s position as fun and educational culture, nature and adventure destination.
        • All contributions will be credited to the authors/contributors.
        • These works, write-ups, caption report, feature writings, photos/image and links may not be copied, reproduce or imitated whether in whole or in part, unless expressly permitted by Sarawak Tourism Board.
        • Sarawak Tourism Board shall not be liable for any infringement of copyright materials as a result of producing your work (contribution).
    • Purchase of Service & Goods
      • Festival Events
        • Contract Management - as part of our contract management strategy for festival events, our policy for the various series is through request for proposal & information as part for service providers.
    • Promotion & Marketing
      • Promotional Activities
        • Only authorized and licensed operators, hotels and product owners shall be allowed to participate in its promotional activities
      • Marketing Support
        • To provide marketing support to new and unique products experience developed by the authorized and licensed members of the Sarawak Tourism Board
      • Agent Familiarization Trip
        • To support the initiatives of our local and overseas partners in bringing in agents for familiarization trips
    • Online Support
      • Social Media
        • We encourage contributions in the form of videos, blog articles, pictures and links on facebook Sarawak Travel fan page. While users can post photos, videos and links themselves, the administrative's posting is capable of reaching to our large fan database.
        • Contents have to be relevant to Sarawak's position as a fun and educational culture, nature and adventure destination.
        • All contributions will be credited to the authors/producers.
        • The Board is not obliged to publish all contributions received but works that are trending topics will get editorial precedence.
        • Sarawak Tourism Board will not be liable for any infringement of copyright materials as a result of producing your work.
      • Directory Listing
        • The directory listing in is for benefit of Sarawak Tourism Industry Members (STIM). By this it means that these stakeholders are members of registered non-governmental organisation/s, possess operating licenses from relevant authorities and members of the trade that promote and sell Sarawak regionally and overseas.
    • Dissemination of Information
      • Brochures
        • All brochures displayed at the Visitors’ Information Centres must possess operating licenses from relevant authorities printed on the brochures.
      • Posters/Banners/Buntings
        • Displaying of promotional posters/banners/buntings in Visitors’ Information Centres or around the vicinity must possess authorised serial no. approved from local council and Sarawak Tourism Board Management.


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