When it comes to history in Sarawak, you won’t be disappointed as it has quite a number of fascinating places to capture your imagination. Its various historical sites range from century old sites to modern times historical places. Walk into timeless historical pieces and understand the foundation that was set in place to make Sarawak what it is today.
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Annah Rais Longhouse is a Bidayuh settlement about 100km south of Kuching, at the foothill of Borneo Highlands near the mountains marking the border to Kalimantan. Other than the authentic longhouse experience, it is also famous for the hot springs nearby.

Location: Kuching

Bakelalan (formerly Ba'Kelalan) is the most important of the Lun Bawang settlements in the northern highlands. The village is famous for its apples and organic vegetables, and for the local musicians and their 'bamboo bands'. The village is connected to Lawas and Miri by air, and it is also ...

Location: Limbang

Lying at an altitude of about 3,500 feet above sea level in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak is the famous Bario Highland, a Kelabit territory, one of the minority Orang Ulu tribes of Sarawak.Bario means ‘Wind’ in Kelabit language. (the correct pronunciation is ‘Bariew’).

It is affectionately known as the 'land ...

Location: Miri

Bau is popular for its two beautiful limestone caves and has two important historical events. It is also a prime rock climbing destination of Kuching.

The Fairy Cave takes its name from a stalagmite structure at the entrance that is said to resemble a Chinese deity. Inside, you will notice the ...

Location: Kuching

Bawang Assan is an Iban settlement of 9 longhouses dating from the 18th Century, about 40 minutes from Sibu by boat or road. It is particularly appealing to visitors for two reasons; firstly the longhouses range from the very traditional to the quite modern, so visitors can get a good ...

Location: Sibu

About 1 hour drive from Miri and situated near Kampung Bungai in Bekenu is Bungai Beach. Bungai Beach is popular with beachgoers who appreciate its pristine beach, clear waters, and the beauty of the untouched surroundings. Its relatively secluded and a great spot to get away from the hustle and ...

Location: Miri
Canada Hill is a limestone ridge overlooking the town and offering excellent views of Miri and the surrounding area. The historical Oil Well No. 1, known as the "Grand Old Lady", is situated on top of Canada Hill. It was here that oil was first struck by Sarawak Shell in ...
Location: Miri

The Chinese History Museum is situated on the Waterfront opposite the Tua Pek Kong temple. It traces the history of the Chinese community in Sarawak. Exhibits include the early trade routes, initial migration from various regions of China, geographical distribution, the early pioneers, traditional trading activities, the formation of trade ...

Location: Kuching

The Council Negeri Memorial in the town centre commemorates Sarawak’s first State Legislative Assembly meeting, which was held in Bintulu on 8th September 1867.

Location: Miri
The small Melanau township of Dalat makes an interesting half-day outing from Mukah, or a stopover if you are traveling by speedboat to or from Sibu. Outside the district office, directly opposite the speedboat wharf and the Chinese temple, is one of the finest Melanau kelidieng (sacrificial burial pole) still ...
Location: Mukah
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