Shopping in Sarawak can be a highly pleasurable experience as you can get cultural pieces such as traditional batik, paintings, artefacts and tourist souvenirs. There is plenty to choose from so time is of the essence when shopping in Sarawak as you want to make sure you get the most out of your shopping spree, after all everyone loves a good deal.
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The indigenous people of Sarawak have since long ago been associated with beadwork for adornment as well as for ceremonial purposes. Here, beads tradition goes back to the very remote past. The variety of beads, the materials from which they are made , their colours and the values attributed, all ...

Location: Kuching

Edible Bird’s Nest

One of Sarawak’s treasures...

Birdnest, one of the world's most luxurious health food, which was only consumed by Chinese Emperors in ancient times...

It is largely imported from regions in Southeast Asia, the only climate suitable to breed the swiftlets (that produce birdnests) in which includes ...

Location: Kuching

India Street is lined with shops selling all kinds of goods, particularly textiles. Mid-way down India Street (if you can find it!) there is a narrow passageway that leads to Gambier Road. If you follow this passageway you'll pass a small Indian Mosque hidden away in the middle of the ...

Location: Kuching

A souvenir hunter and gastronome's haven, Jalan Padungan is virtually an extension of the Main Bazaar due to its proximity. It has some excellent coffee shops and restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and some unusual specialist retailers amidst the line of old Chinese shophouses, mostly built in the 1920's and 30's during ...

Location: Kuching

Kuching Waterfront, which lines the south bank of Sarawak River, is THE place to sample the city's cosmopolitan vibes. During the daytime, it offers scenic views of the Astana, Fort Margherita and the Malay kampungs across the river; but night-time is when it really comes alive! It seems like half ...

Location: Kuching

Adjacent the Waterfront, the Main Bazaar is the oldest street in the city and the heart of old Kuching. It has some superb examples of Chinese shophouse architecture, many of which have been occupied by the same family for generations.

These families still pursue traditional occupations such as tin-smithing,carpentry and petty ...

Location: Kuching
The Miri Handicraft Centre on Jln Brooke is a fascinating showcase of the ethnic arts and crafts of northern Sarawak. Stalls are run by the individual producers, and craftspeople can often be viewed at work here. Items on sale include Penan mats and basketry, Orang Ulu beadwork and woodcarvings, and a variety of ...
Location: Miri

The Pasar Malam (night market), off Jln Abang Galau, is a good place to stroll around and try snacks, grilled meats and fish, and delicious local cakes.

Location: Miri
A landmark in town, the large and spotlessly clean Central Market (Pasar Raya) offers a great selection of tropical fruits and vegetables
Location: Miri

Pasar Tamu & Pasar Utama are two markets located near each other along the riverfront selling a range of local produce. The cone-shaped roofs symbolize the traditional Melanau headgear, the terendak.

The top floor of the Pasar Utama has stalls selling local hawker food favourites.

Location: Miri
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