Long San

Baram River. Long San is something of a surprise to those who expect a sleepy riverside village rather than a mini-boom-town. However it’s still the principal home of traditional Kenyah art, crafts, music and dance, and visitors are sure to have a fascinating time. The region around Long San is a complex ethnic mix, and visitors can take in the Kayan longhouse of Long Mekaba, famous for its traditional musicians who are expert in playing the lute-like sape, as well as the abandoned Brooke-era fort at Long Akah, and even visit nomadic Panan groups when they are in the area. These activities generally cost about RM 150 per person per day for 4 persons, due to the vehicles, boats and fuel costs involved, and can be arranged at the Long San Guesthouse.

Doing it

Long San
Culture and Heritage

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