Natural History Museum

This building was built in 1908.  Once used as administrative offices, it now displays a natural history collection.  Among the items on the display are special collections found in Borneo such as skeletons of mammal, invertebrates, reptiles, birds, inserts, fishes and shells which have all been conserved.



Urang Sarawak ‘Pameran Tentang Kita’ Gallery

The Urang Sarawak gallery was officially opened in the Sarawak Art Museum, the building just opposite the old Sarawak Museum building.

The gallery displays different historical traits of the Sarawak people spanning across different eras such as the Colonial era and the World War era, with the intent of educating the people on the political and cultural heritage of the different ethnicities within Sarawak.

With displays ranging from art to artifact, the gallery covers the different aspects of the sociocultural lifestyles of the Sarawak people, including religion, cosmology and cultural arts.

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