Orangutan Junior Volunteer Program

Orangutan conservation and rehabilitation is expensive, challenging and time-consuming.  However, it is essential for the survival of one of our closet relatives in the animal kingdom.  To ensure a bright future for Sarawak’s orangutans, we need to engage young people, educate them on the importance of our conservation work, and encourage them to participate so they can gain a deeper understanding of the challenges and issues involved.

The Orangutan Junior Volunteer Program is an exciting and affordable learning experience targetted at schools, colleges and universities that allows students (aged 23 and under) to learn about orangutan biology and habitat, then put this knowledge to practical use in hands-on conservation activities.  To ensure retaining their interest in and engagement with the orangutans following their visit, each student gets to adopt their own orangutan for a full year.  All participant receive a certificate acknowledging their contribution to Sarawak’s orangutan conservation program, as well as a certificate of adoption.

Orangutan Junior Volunteer Program
Education and Volunteering

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