Popular Food Outlet in Kuching

Coffee-shops with their attendant food-stalls are dotted all over town. Some of the most interesting and traditional ones are found around Jln Carpenter, Main Bazaar and Padungan Road.

The coffee shops on Lebuh Temple are conveniently located near the budget hotels on Jln Green Hill, and serve a wide selection of dishes, including good roasted chicken rice and beef noodles at Green Hill Café.

Food courts at Shopping Malls:

  • Bazaar at tHe Spring
  • Food court at Merdeka Plaza
  • Food court at Boulevard Shopping Mall
  • Food court at Vivacity Megamall
  • Food court at AEON Kuching Central

Chinese Food

Kuching has a huge selection of Chinese food outlets, from simple noodle stalls to full-blown banqueting palaces.  Many of them feature regular food promotions – see local press for details.

Café Harapan, Harbour View Hotel.  As well as the usual hotel coffee shop favourites, serves an interesting selection of Foochow-style noodle dishes originating from Fuzhou in Southern China.

Fook Hoi in Jln Padungan is an old-fashioned coffee shop, famous for its Sio Bee and Ha Kau (pork dumplings).  Daytime only.

Jong Siang Teng, 68 Carpenter St. Serves Hokkien-style noodle, pork leg rice and chicken rice.  Daytime only.

Juat Siang Café, 34 Carpenter St. Good beef noodle soup. Daytime only.

Life Café (108 Ewe Hai Street) signature dish of spicy noodles or “malak miam” which remains the top favourites since the first outlet at Ewe Hai Street was established more than 15 years ago.  Tel: 411754.  Opening Hour: 11am till 10pm.

Open Air Market, Jln Khoo Han Yeang.  The grand-daddy of eating establishments in Kuching, the Open Air Market, has plied its trade for over a century and, despite a recent renovation, it seems like little has changed in that time.  A selection of Chinese and Malay food stalls.  Some reasonably priced seafood and noodle stalls operate late into the evening.  Famous for beef noodles, rice porridge, and fresh soya bean milk.

Oriental Park Cafe has been operating since 1962, it was first operated by present owner uncle.  Oriental Park Cafe is located near the Old Cathay Cinema building at Lorong Cathay.  Cathay Cinema is very popular during 60’s till late 90’s.  This coffee shop served only noodles, such as Kolo mee, Kway Tiaw and Beehoon (Dry or soup).  The slice bbq pork meat serves with the noodle are specially made recipe by the owner.

Lau Ya Keng Chinese Food Centre, Carpenter Street.  A wide range of Chinese food stalls.  Excellent fish balls and pork satay, fish and prawn soup and Sarawak Laksa.

Aladin Cafe, 37 Jln Ewe Hai (Carpenter Street).  Arguably the best chicken rice in Kuching.

Noodle Descendants, 188 Jln Padungan.  Famous for their pork noodle dishes and pork offal soup.  Open daily 7:30am – 3pm.  Expect a queue.

Malay food

Malay food served in Sarawak is generally not as spicy as that served in Peninsular Malaysia.  If you like your food really spicy, just ask for extra chili.  There are not many Malay food outlets in the city centre, but adventurous gourmets can take a taxi or white minibus to the Jln Semariang – Jln Santubong area of Petra Jaya, where there are literally dozens of small family-run Malay restaurants, mostly operating from their own homes (evenings only).

Jubilee, Madinah and Malaya restaurants (all on Jln India) serve a range of Malay curries and vegetable dishes. The Jubilee also serves good roti canai and murtabak.

Rex Cafe, Main Bazaar. Good mixed rice, rojak, mee Jawa and laksa.

Kampung Boyan.

Arif Hotel Open Air Food Court (Jln Haji Taha), in business since the 1953.  This area is a favourite with Malays, halal options are the standard. The more unusual ‘Sup Tulang’ is a good choice in the food court itself, as well as ‘Roti Canai’ and ‘Ayam Penyet’.

Pasar Seni Jalan Haji Taha Kuching, every Wednesday to Saturday from 6pm.
Tel:012-847 1546
Email : [email protected]

Rumah Hijau, Rubber Road.  24 Jln Rubber.  Best selection of regional Malay food in town, including ayam penyet, ayam percik & laksa Penang. Close everyday Friday.

Riung Kuring, Dagok Road, behind RHB Kulas Road. Authentic sundanese & Minagkabau dishes.

Kubah Ria, river front location next to Satok Weekend Market.  Over 40 Malay and Chinese stalls serving local specialties.

Rojak Kucei, Indian style rojak.  No. 1, Jln Batu Lintang, 93200 Kuching, Sarawak.

  • Spring-FoodBazaar-Chickenrice

    tHe Spring Food Bazaar Chicken Rice

  • Harbour cafe Kuching Mee sua

  • tHe Spring Bazaar Laksa Sarawak

    tHe Spring Bazaar Laksa Sarawak

  • tHe Spring Bazaar Mee

    tHe Spring Bazaar Mee

  • Spring-FoodBazaar-midin

    tHe Spring Bazaar Paku Pakis

  • tHe Spring Bazaar Nasi Lemak

    tHe Spring Bazaar Nasi Lemak

  • tHe Spring Bazaar Satay

    tHe Spring Bazaar Satay

  • Spring-FoodBazaar-Chickenrice
  • Harbour cafe Kuching Mee sua
  • tHe Spring Bazaar Laksa Sarawak
  • tHe Spring Bazaar Mee
  • Spring-FoodBazaar-midin
  • tHe Spring Bazaar Nasi Lemak
  • tHe Spring Bazaar Satay
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