Popular Seafood Eatery in Kuching

Kuching has superb seafood. Steamed pomfret or manchong fish are unmissable. Assam prawns, sambal prawns and slipper lobster are other local favourites. One dish that you are unlikely to find elsewhere is ambal (bamboo clam), which is usually cooked as a mild dry curry or steamed in Chinese wine. Unusual appearance (looks like a worm in a bamboo shell!) – but tastes superb.

Top Spot Food Court (Bukit Mata Seafood, Jalan Padungan, Taman Letak Kereta) offers a wide choice of popular seafood outlets. One of the highly recommended dishes here is the butter crab with salted egg yolk. Instead of a dish where the crabs are served covered in savoury crumbs, this specialty crustacean dish packs a mighty punch with its flavoursome egg-thicken gravy generously coating the crabs. Being the sole eatery with ‘live’ seafood, you can choose your seafood fresh from the tanks proudly displayed next to the eatery. For shellfish lovers, the barbequed king prawns are a must-try amongst the variety of grilled dishes available at the eatery. Grilled to perfection, the sweet flavoured prawns are best eaten when drizzled with lime juice and then dipped in the eatery’s very own special spicy sambal. Other popular dishes are bamboo clams in curry, steamed fish , mix vegetable, Sarawak’s famous wild fern, midin dishes served with belacan or stir-fried ‘mani chai’ with egg.

Batu Lintang Food Centre, tucked away behind junction of Jln Batu Lintang & Jln Rock. The stalls here serve Kuching’s cheapest seafood. Evenings only. Very popular so be prepared to wait for a table.

Benson Seafood, Off Jln Abell. Tel: 255262. Well-established riverside restaurant serving a full range of Sarawak seafood. Very popular at weekends.

Pending Seafood Centre, behind Kuching Port in the industrial area. A wide range of stalls selling seafood and local specialities.  If you go by taxi arrange a pick-up time.

Rock Road Seafood, 2nd Mile, Jln Rock, Tel: 241575. Popular outlet where you select your dinner from the fish and crustaceans swimming in the tanks lining the walls. Take a taxi. Booking advisable at weekends.

See Good, off Ban Hock Road, opposite Hua Kuok Inn. Tel: 251397. See Good’s cooking style is robust rather than fussy, with strong-flavoured sauces and lots of herbs. Friendly hosts the Kong family will happily guide you through the extensive and exotic menu, and can make some interesting suggestions. Also has the biggest (and cheapest) selection of wines in Kuching. Open lunchtime onwards. Closed 4th and 18th of every month.

Popular Seafood Eatery in Kuching
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