Sarawak Cultural Village

“See Sarawak in Half a Day” is the claim made by Sarawak Cultural Village, a unique award-winning living museum offering an excellent introduction to local cultures and lifestyles. On a sprawling 17-acre site just a short walk from the nearby resort hotels, there are replica buildings representing every major ethnic group in Sarawak; Bidayuh, Iban and Orang Ulu longhouses, a Penan jungle settlement, a Melanau tall-house, a Malay town house with adjacent top-spinning court, a Chinese farm House and a Chinese pagoda. All the buildings are staffed with members of the various ethnic groups, in traditional costume, carrying out traditional activities. Each building has a “storyteller” who is expert in describing and interpreting traditional cultures and lifestyles. They will happily pose with you for photos.

After touring the village, you can enjoy a multi-cultural dance performance in the village’s own theatre. There is also a good restaurant and a handicrafts shop on-site. Sarawak Cultural Village can also host theme dinners and parties (check with your hotel), and you can even get married here, in traditional Iban, Bidayuh, Malay or Orang Ulu style!


Culture & Heritage

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