Kuching Tourism Attraction – Irrawaddy Dolphin & Mangrove Swamp Cruise

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Written by: Jyotsna Ramani

Kuching is one of my fave cities in South East Asia. Maybe because I got a chance to spend a month there and volunteer at the MonkeeBar. Apart from that, I had the wonderful opportunity to revisit with Sarawak Tourism Board and that’s when I had one of the best tours in Kuching – Irrawaddy dolphin cruise.  This wonderful cruise takes you along swamps and fishing villages, plus if you are lucky, like we were – You get to see cute Irrawaddy dolphins as well.

damai beach sarawak
Breathtaking Damai beach in Sarawak

What to Expect on the Irrawaddy Dolphin Cruise

Starting point of the mangrove river cruise
Starting point of the mangrove river cruise


Sarawak Kuching Dolphin
Sighting of the Irrawaddy dolphin
Mangrove swamp river cruise
Mangrove swamp river cruise


swamp crocodile sarawak
A lone swamp crocodile
proboscis monkey in the mangroves
Proboscis Monkey in the Mangroves
Mangroves of Sarawak
Mangroves of Sarawak
cats in kuching
A lovely feline welcoming us to the fishing village
fishermen houses in village
Colorful houses of the fishermen in the village
Little blue crabs in the swamps
Little blue crabs in the swamps
blue crabs
Aren’t they adorable?

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