Sarawak Soaring into the new year of 2013

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Giant hornbill statue against the azure sky; Damai Central
@Damai Central, Santubong Peninsular
2013 will be an exciting year for tourism in Sarawak. In fact it will be till 2014.
Come July 2013, Sarawak will begin a year of celebration to commemorate her 50th Anniversary of gaining independence from the British. Our state went on to form Malaysia with Sabah, Singapore (pulled out in Aug ’65) and the Federation of Malay states two months later; September 16, 1963.
The official celebration – Visit Sarawak Year will end June 2014. Expect plenty of exciting events lined up. By the way, 2013/2014 is also the Visit Malaysia Year.
Double celebrations and great time to plan your trip/s to Malaysia and needless to say…
Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo… Where Adventure Lives.


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