Internship & Volunteering

  1. Background
    • Sarawak Tourism Board had over the years provided internship attachment from local universities. As there was no structured internship program, the Board realize the needs for a comprehensive Internship Program that will not only provides student with practical work experience but also develop and expose students to the various disciplines from management controls, operations and execution of the various projects undertaken by the Sarawak Tourism Board.
  2. Concept & Scope
    • The Internship program will formally integrates the student’s academic study with work experience in the areas of planning, event management, financial management, operations management and marketing management of the festival events organized and managed by Sarawak Tourism Board. The program is designed for the students to gain work experience in an iconic event of Rainforest World Music Festival and the Borneo Jazz Festival that are annually held in Kuching and Miri, Sarawak, respectively.
  3. Goals
    • The intent of this program is to provide a unique learning experience for international volunteers and interns whilst at the same time being exposed to the product experiences of Sarawak’s cultures, nature and adventures on the island of Borneo.
    • To collaborate with the academia as part of an industry advisory platform in enhancing the quality of graduates that is relevant to the need of the industry.
    • To undertake the initiative as part of the Corporate Social Responsibility program.
  4. Objectives
    • To help students obtain practical experience and new skills in their field of study.
    • To provide a contextual learning environment that validates a curriculum of study.
    • To establish an International relationship and exchange program with various Universities, globally.
    • To provides new experiences to the interns which will relate to their final year curriculum at the University.
    • To provide a competitive edge for student and enable them a greater chance for full time employment.
    • Highlights
      • Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) managed and organised the iconic the Rainforest World Music Festival annually. It is held at the Sarawak Cultural Village within the ambience of the Borneo Rainforest. The festival is held during the second week of July from Friday to Sunday.
      • STB also managed and organised Borneo Jazz Festival which is held on the 2nd week of May. Both of these events are of International stature and generate economic benefits to the State of Sarawak and its people. The State of Sarawak, Malaysia is located on the island of Borneo.
    • Internship Program Description
      • The Internship Program is designed to provide an overall internship experience of global exposure in the international event management, best business practices, good corporate governance, performance measurement of KPIs, business and organizational transformation. The scope of the internship program will be confined to the 2 iconic festivals:-
        • Rainforest World Music Festival
        • Borneo Jazz Festival
      • The intern will be assigned and mentored by the Project Director or Project manager in either area of your choice:-
        • Project Management Team
        • Event Financial Management Team
        • Event Management Team
        • Event Marketing Management Team
        • Event Operations Management Team
    • Volunteers Program Description
      • The Volunteers Program is designed to provide an overall understanding of execution issues in order to ensure the success of these 2 festivals at the operational level.
      • The volunteers will be required to participate and be actively involved to execute the logistics, technical and operational aspects of the festival event management plan, event marketing plan and the event operations plan.
      • The scope of the Volunteers Program will be confined to these festivals:-
        • Rainforest World Music Festival
        • Borneol Jazz Festival
        • Asia Music Festival
      • The volunteers assignments will be in the following areas:-
        • Festival Event Management
          • liaison official for Performing Artists
          • Schelpers for Musical Instruments
          • Workshop and Practice sessions
        • Event Marketing Management
          • Participate in Sales Promotions initiatives
          • Management Information
          • Website and micro-site content management
          • Media & Public Relations programs
          • Product development of festivals tour packages
          • Media Center Operations
        • Event Operations Management
          • Site readiness, set-up and preparations
          • Vendor management on site
          • Admission and Gate management & operations
          • Event Secretariat
          • Equipments & materials preparation, packing and loading
          • Transportation
          • Monitor & supervise volunteers
          • Warehouse storage operations & management
  5. Internship & Volunteers Assignments
    • Interns and Volunteers will be assigned to assist in a variety of roles related to the annual RWMF/BJF/AMF Project Management, in the areas of event management, financial management, marketing management and operations management, including logistics, project management and project coordination.
  6. Duration of Internship
    • In addition to an incredible internship, all programs are of one month or longer. Interns will be provided with free RWMF/BJF/AMF festival tickets to the related events upon completion of the modules and assignments.
    • The interns and volunteers will be provided with 3 days/2nights of transfers to the venue, accommodation and meals during the duration of the festivals.
  7. Eligibility & Qualifications
    • The Internship & Volunteers Program is only made available to students from participating Universities worldwide majoring in Event Management, Business Admin and Management, Tourism, Hospitality, Project management, Communications and Marketing.
    • English language is mandatory.
    • No experience is required.
    • We are also looking at virtual internship for marketing assignment and you will be rewarded with 2 days entrance tickets for the workshop and festival event. The Virtual Internship Program requires applicant with experience in affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, pay per click advertising, web advertising, public relations and link sharing.
  8. Application for Internship