Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism In Sarawak

The decision to have medical treatment in Malaysia is an easy one.  Choosing where to have that treatment is not quite so easy, given the wide choice of hospitals and locations.  If you want your patient experience and your visitor experience to equally unique and as enjoyable as possible, you might just want to choose Sarawak.

Personal Care: We like to describe our home as “Sarawak, Where Adventure Lives”, but we could just as easily say “Sarawak, Where Relaxation Is Taken Seriously”.  If you plan on having an active recovery, you can recuperate while encountering orangutans and proboscis monkeys and enjoying upriver longhouse hospitality.

Ease of Communication: Sarawak’s private hospitals are relatively small by international standards.  That means that you will generally be treated by the same care team throughout your stay, under the direction of your chosen specialist consultant.

Ease of Communication: Sarawak is well known for the high standard of English spoken in everyday use, so just imagine how well our highly-trained healthcare professionals are able to communicate with their international patients.

Halal Certification: Every hospital in Malaysia is required to main strict halal standards in every aspect of its operations.

Low Cost Of Accommodation: Sarawak has some of the most competitive hotel prices in the region and hotel categories to suit every budget.  You can even opt for a village homestay if your condition allows it.  This is important to remember if you are planning a longer stay or family members are accompanying you.

Warm Tropical Climate: Our warm weather can significantly aid recovery time and your sense of overall well being after medical or surgical procedures.

Personal Safety: Sarawak has a low crime rate, and violet crime is very rare indeed.  This is important to consider if you will be using a walking aid or are otherwise incapacitated yet still want to see the sights.

Friendly, Hospitable People: Sarawakians are warm and welcoming to visitors, and will always make an extra effort to make medical tourists feel at home.

Unique Travel Experience: Sarawak offers the very best of Borneo in a single destination.  There is plenty for your family members to do while you are receiving treatment or rehabilitation.  Can you imagine a better place to spend your time recovering?





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While we firmly believe that Sarawak offers first class private healthcare, the Sarawak Tourism Board takes no responsibility for any potential risks or consequences related to receiving medical treatment in Sarawak.


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