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KUCHING, Tuesday – A total of 30 volunteers had the experience to be part of the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF) 2022.

They were selected from over 60 applications submitted to the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) for this year’s 25th anniversary celebration of RWMF and their applications were screened based on their special skills, education background and previous volunteering experiences.

The RWMF volunteer programme is designed to provide volunteers with a learning platform on the teamwork and operational aspects of event organising, as well as to ensure the success of the event. With the huge number of officials, media and performers making up the team at the festival, the volunteers gained new friends, share new experience, learn new skills, and gain new understanding of event management.

Volunteers assisted organisers in traffic control, gate control, survey and questionnaire collection, artist liaising and ‘schlepping’, while others are stationed at the media centre, secretariat, and merchandise booth. Those in traffic control and gate control had the chance to work closely with the police, RELA and organising officers to ensure the orderliness and security of the festival, while volunteers who worked with secretariat assisted with event operations such as performer transfers, accommodations, meals and wristband distribution.

Volunteers who assisted the media centre were involved with media management and the distribution of media and photographer passes, wristbands and press releases, as well as manning the computer area where the media accessed the internet and event photo galleries.  Survey and questionnaire collection volunteers were active throughout the festival grounds, gathering opinions of the festival goers throughout the day concerning the different activities at the festival.

Volunteers stationed at the merchandise booth assisted in organising staff with the performers’ music and memorabilia, while liaison officers managed the performers’ movements, assisted them in completing their sound tests, mini sessions, performances and press meetings. “Schleppers” known as the Ravens are the backbone of the festival, tasked with assisting in the setup of the instruments during mini sessions and concerts throughout the entire festival, especially during the concerts.

One of the selected volunteers Nor Hidayu Ghani, 28, said that this is her first-time volunteering for RWMF and she sees it as an opportunity for to learn about event management and meet new people from all walks of life. “Plus, as RWMF celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, I am very excited to be part of an iconic event that played a part in elevating Sarawak as a world music hub at an international level,” she added.

Nor Hidayu Ghani


For Lois Wong Ji Wei, 22, he gained experience on event management and learn more on Sarawak’s tourism industry. “As an ardent music fan, I have the chance to learn and be immersed with a variety of music genres from different cultures in Sarawak and from around the globe”, he said.


Lois Wong Ji Wei


Noor Fazirah Kadai, 29, is happy to be a volunteer at this year’s RWMF as she gets to be a part of an international event. “As a Sarawakian, I feel that it is my responsibility to help promote Sarawak as a must-visit tourism destination to the world,” she said.

Noor Fazirah Kadai

All volunteers were provided with an allowance, festival T-Shirt and certificate of participation. The organising team and volunteers gathered at the festival area a day before the festival for task assignment and to prepare for the following day.

The festival took place from 17th to 19th June 2022 at the Sarawak Cultural Village which recorded more than 20,000 physical and virtual attendees throughout the festival