Online Ecosystem Fund Request Form


Sarawak Tourism Online Ecosystem Fund is a fund allocated by Sarawak Tourism Board. This is a collaboration with the industry partners. It is a catalytic programme to expand Sarawak Tourism’s Digital footprint.

You can apply for this Sarawak Tourism Online Ecosystem Fund as long as you market and promote Sarawak domestically and internationally on digital platform.

  • Applicants must be a registered trade company and licensed by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture Malaysia and relevant agencies.
  • Sarawak Inbound Tour Operators, Hotels, Homestays cluster, and Handicrafts entrepreneurs (refers as “Digital Partners”).
1Website Development

Maximum RM5,000.00 for website development, design and maintenance costs. To include a new website; re-design / update of an existing website; web hosting costs; SEO (Search Engine Optimization); maintenance costs, etc.

  • To outsource the service if there is no internal technical staff.
  • Preferably local designers/developers
2Booking Engine

Maximum RM5,000.00 support for booking engine costs. To incorporate a booking engine into an existing website; and / or monthly subscription fees for operators that already use booking engines. To indicate clearly on the subscription period.

  • Must have an existing company website
  • Preferably local designers/developers
3Online Advertising

Maximum RM5,000.00 for Digital Advertising. To include social media boosting / search engine marketing / pay per click, etc. Includes Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, YouTube, etc.

  • Must have an existing Social Media platform with minimum no. of followers/ of no. of posts
  • Ads buy by owner or through outsource

Content Production

Maximum RM5,000.00 for content production. To include video production costs, blog articles, photography costs for photo banks or use on websites or social media, etc.

  • Justification of where to publish / upload the content.
  • Credit to Sarawak Tourism Board.
Personal accommodation, meal, transportation by air or land and travelling expenses are not applicable under the Sarawak Tourism Online Ecosystem Fund.
A committee headed by Sarawak Tourism Board reserves the right on decision of the final funding upon which, a service order will be issued.
Approved funding will be made payable directly to the related service provider/supplier/vendor upon submission of final report and invoice. For work done in-house, payment will be made to the tour operators.The fund is non-transferrable to other services in the case that the service is cancel.

Applicant must provide an outcome arising from the Sarawak Tourism Online Ecosystem Fund in a report format within one (1) month prior to the disbursement of the fund. The Sarawak Tourism Online Ecosystem Fund will only be disbursed upon receiving full report and invoice(s) from applicant/service provider/supplier/vendor. Full report should include related photographs. Payment will be made within 14 working days upon receipt of the invoice(s).