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Wildlife conservation is a top priority for the government of Sarawak. The State is home to 22 national parks, four wildlife sanctuaries and five nature reserves covering a total of 710,884 hectares; offering refuge and sanctuary for many endangered species endemic to Borneo, including the orangutan, proboscis monkey, sun bear, brindled deer, dugong, Irrawaddy dolphin, sea turtle, and many more.

Bindi Irwin is the daughter of wildlife conservationist and television personality Steve Irwin. Bindi, along with mother Terri, husband Chandler, and the rest of the team at Australia Zoo continue to carry on the conservation work started by Steve.

Bindi’s fascination with Sarawak began as a child listening to her father’s stories of encounters with wild orangutans in Borneo, and has only grown since then as she follows with keen interest the conservation work being done by her counterparts in Sarawak.

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We encourage visitors to Sarawak to learn more about these efforts and plan their itinerary to see and learn as much as they can about Sarawak wildlife conservation and rainforest sustainability.

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