Sarawak: A whole new world

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Take a stroll through a tranquil rainforest before cooling off in a natural pool with its very own waterfall. Explore caves and climb pinnacles if you are feeling adventurous or take things slow and unwind on a beautiful and sunny tropical beach.

This may sound like multiple dream vacations but it isn’t. All of this and more can be found in the amazing Sarawak.

Darul Hana Bridge spanning the Sarawak river


Everyone loves beaches. There is nothing more calming than to relax on a beach accompanied by the soothing sound of splashing waves. Sarawak is home to many beaches located on both the west and east. The clear blue water, coupled with beautiful corals and unique marine life make it a dream location for both foreign and local divers.

Sunshine, wind, warmth and amazing food. The perfect recipe for your ideal seaside holiday.

Beautiful Damai Beach

Damai Beach: Visitors enjoy a relaxing outing at Damai Beach located at Santubong in Kuching.

Natural pools and waterfalls

Looking to beat the heat? Take a trip to one of Sarawak’s many national parks that house their own mountains, natural pools, waterfalls and fresh air. Take a few days to go off the beaten path to explore the flora and fauna that Sarawak’s natural environment has to offer.

The clear streams will wash away your stress and worries and cool you off in the tropical heat.

Usun Apau Western Julan waterfall: The Western Julan waterfall at Ulu Baram features a drop measuring 300m (about 1,000ft).


Tropical rainforests make up two-thirds of the land area in Sarawak. Explore this largely untouched ecosystem and get personal with the diverse selection of plant and animal life that Sarawak’s nature has to offer. Sarawak’s rainforests are home to proboscis monkeys, silver monkeys, large lizards, wild boars and over 150 species of birds. An opportunity that should not be missed by nature lovers.

KOL rainforest

Rainforest: About two-thirds of Sarawak’s land area comprise beautiful and pristine tropical rainforests.


Step into a mystical and mysterious world by exploring the many caves of Sarawak. Malaysia’s largest state is home to hundreds of world-class caves that will awe and mesmerise you with their unique wonders, personalities and topography. A bucket list destination for the bold and the adventurous.

caves - Niah Cave

Niah Cave: Archaeologists have discovered a 40,000-year-old human remains at the Niah National Park in Miri. The cave systems also feature murals dating back to more than 12,000 years.

The Gunung Mulu National Park in Miri is famous for its many caves and the animals that call the mountainous rainforest setting home. The UNESCO World Heritage houses three of the largest cave systems in the world.

The Sarawak Chamber is the largest known cave chamber known to man. It measures 600m long, 415m wide and 80m at its maximum height. It is bigger than a dozen football fields and can accommodate approximately 40 Boeing 747 jets.

The Deer Cave, meanwhile, is the largest cave passage in the world. The name may be misleading as the cave itself houses no deer but is home to more than three million wrinkle lipped bats. The bats fly out to forage for food every evening, their large numbers blocking out portions of the sky – a spectacular sight indeed.

Recognised as the longest cave in Southeast Asia, the Clearwater Cave gets its name from the crystal-clear water that runs through its underground channel. Swimming inside the cave is strictly prohibited but visitors can cool down in the natural pools at the picnic deck. Float with the fish and lose yourself in the beauty of the pristine rainforest around you.

Sarawak Miri Mulu DEERCAVE-s

Sarawak Miri Mulu Deercave: The Deer Cave, located at the Gunung Mulu National Park, is the largest cave passage in the world and is home to more than three million wrinkle lipped bats.

Those looking for a physical challenge can also try their hands at scaling the unique pinnacles at the mountain top. Those who manage to scale the pinnacles will be rewarded with not only a sense of accomplishment but also an amazing view.


Pinnacles: Those looking for a challenge can put themselves to the test by scaling the pinnacle formations at the Gunung Mulu National Park which rise as high as 50 metres.


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