A Quiet Beach, Turtles and a National Park

What makes this tour special is the combination of jungle activities, turtle watching and mingling with the Malay community of Telok Serabang-Telok Melano.The significance of Tanjung National Park is that its shore front is the nesting site for Green Turtles and Olive Ridley Turtles, ideal condition for your quiet beach in Malaysia experience. It also means an approximate 2-hour journey from the gateway capital city of Kuching.

Quiet Beach in Malaysia Tanjung National Park Sarawak

A quiet beach in Malaysia – Tanjung National Park, located in the southwestern corner of Sarawak

In addition, you can earn the bragging rights of standing on where Borneo begins, the Tanjung Datu Lighthouse that borders Kalimantan Indonesia.


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A bumpy boat ride to the national park at the westernmost tip of Sarawak. Cleanest beach I’ve come across in the state so far! Take a lush green hike through the rainforest, crossing icy cold streams and discover another beautiful beach with huge boulders and rocks. #nationalpark #nature #seaside #beach #scenery #rainforest #sarawak #tanjungdatunationalpark #borneo

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Your 3day/2night Quiet Beach in Malaysia holiday experience would look like this.

Day 1 : Kuching – Sematan – Tanjung Datu National Park

You will be picked up from your hotel in Kuching for the approximate one and half hour journey to Sematan town. After lunch at a local restaurant here, you will travel by road to Telok Melano which will take half an hour. If the sea is rough, then a trek of 3.7km along the Telok Melano trail will take you to the park. A boat ride is always the faster and convenient option. A short 15-min walk from the landing at the small bay of Telok Upas will get you to Park HQ. It will be in the early afternoon at this point. The rainforest beckons. Hike with your guide to the Viewpoint trails and then visit the turtle hatchery. By this time, the beach and the sea will look very inviting. After dinner, go on a night tour of the jungle in search of wild boar, sambar deer, mouse deer, barking deer, civet cats and other nocturnal creatures. You return to the park hoping that mother nature will smile on you in the form of turtle landings.

As with things of nature, turtle sightings are not guaranteed. Accommodation at Tanjung Datu National Park is basic (dormitory style).

Day 2 : Tanjung Datu National Park – Telok Melano Malay Village – Telok Serabang Malay Village

Load up at breakfast to prepare you for a 2.7-km jungle trek along the Pasir Antu Laut trail. Soak in the forest scenery (and sweat) and keep a look out for wildlife. Gibbons, banded langurs and hornbills have been spotted on this trail. Take a short break at a small stream midway along the trail before finishing the trek at Antu Laut beach. Cool down with a swim and having rested, back track on the same trail, detouring to another part of the national park beach. Here, huge boulders dot the coast and the rainforest grows right down to the beach. Admire the views before taking a beach walk back to the park HQ by early afternoon for a late lunch.

After lunch, a boat will take you to Telok Melano village, about five minutes away. From this village, it is a 45-minute walk (3.7km) to Telok Serabang. You will be passing by rubber and cocoa plantation and; pepper garden before arriving late in the afternoon in Telok Serabang for the night. Swim in the sea as the sun sets in the distance, another adventurous day spent in this idlyllic quietness of Sarawak. Dinner done and a short walk away, fireflies twinkle away as the Milky Way above you competes for your attention.

A quiet beach in Malaysia - Telok Serabang Village

A quiet beach in Malaysia – Telok Serabang Malay Village

Quiet Beach in Malaysia - Basic accommodation at Telok Serabang

A quiet beach in Malaysia – Basic accommodation at Telok Serabang

Quiet beach in Malaysia - fisherman of Telok Serabang

A quiet beach in Malaysia – Your primary mode of transport between the coastal bazaar of Sematan and Tanjung Datu National Park, Sarawak

Day 3 : Telok Serabang Village –Sematan – Kuching

Your morning will be free and easy. Get an early morning dip before breakfast. At 1100 hours,  board a boat and return to Sematan. After lunch at a local coffee shop cum restaurant here, you will head back to Kuching, arriving late afternoon.

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A quite beach in Malaysia – Tanjung Datu National Park, Sarawak Malaysia Borneo

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Note: This tour is available from April to September. Tanjung Datu is not accessible during the monsoon months owing to high seas. Some activities are subject to weather conditions and may be re-organized to best meet operational situations. Telok Serabang/Telok Melano is now accessible by road. However, a hike (3.7km) or a short boat trip is necessary to reach Tanjung Datu National Park from Telok Melano village. Do check with our tour operator for this update.

This experience is provided by Straits Central Travel & Tours, Kuching.


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  • quiet beach in malaysia - tanjung datu national park beach front
  • quiet beach in malaysia - tanjung datu national park beach shelter
  • quiet beach in malaysia tanjung datu national park telok melano trail
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