Coco Cabana

Coco Cabana is one of Miri’s most visited tourist spots within the city center, with its breezy seaside view and places to relax in the sun. It’s also one of the best spot to enjoy one of Miri’s fiery sunsets as well as it dips beyond the horizon, and is where the iconic seahorse lighthouse is located.

There is a daily uptown evening market near the parking area, with the 1511 Cafe nearby for those who are feeling a little peckish. The event hall is further in, close to the lighthouse which is adjacent to the food walk where there are usually vendors selling their food and drinks to visitors.

A view of the ocean lies on all sides, with a cruise jetty nearby for smaller boats and yachts to make port. Visitors often stroll along the jetty, admiring the ocean view or sunset.

There are  some swing sets, as well as a main event hall made of intricately carved doors and and wall decorations, making it a beautiful place for some photos as well as some events. This year, Coco Cabana will be the location for the Borneo Jazz Festival, which will take place on July 19-21. The Miri Country Music Fest will also take place here, from November 22-23.  Visit the Coco Cabana website for more information on current events that could be taking place, here…

Getting there:

  • A 20 minute walk from city center, or a 5 minute drive. Use a cab or any of the e-hailing applications in Miri.

Entrance fees:

  • No entrance fee

Travel Tips:

  • Bring along sunblock if you are going in the day, and bring drinking water.


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