Birding in Sarawak

BirdLife International has designated 22 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) in Sarawak, the highest number for any state in Malaysia.

A total of 664 species both resident and migratory birds have been recorded in Borneo which including 52 endemic species and 143 endemic sub-species.

Sarawak hosts more than 47 Borneo endemic species where most of them are fairly common in most of the mountains and lowland of Sarawak.  As for certain rare and elusive endemic species like Black Oriole & Dulit frogmouth, they had been sighted and photographed by nature enthusiastic in the year 2008, 2011 and 2012.  Some rare endemic species like Bornean frogmouth, Blue-banded pitta, Whitehead broadbill, Hose broadbill, Whitehead Spiderhunter, Mountain Serpent Eagle also has been sighted constantly in the recent year.

As for some uncommon endemic species like Pygmy white-eye, Bornean Barbet, Yellow-rumped flowerpecker are commonly sighted in some of the birding destinations. The sightings of these magnificent birds have proven Sarawak is an exciting experience for the dedicated birdwatchers.

The state stretches for some 750 km along the north east coastline of Borneo, with habitats ranging from high hills and mountains forest to Lowland, Kerangas & Peat swamp forest, and from rice field, wetland to coastal region with their own specialized birds.

All birding destinations are easily accessible with good transportation network and accommodation facilities are available in the national parks.

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