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Old Kuching Smart Heritage in Sarawak

Kampung Heritage is a platform and support system for the socio-economic wellbeing of local community living in the kampung (villages) that are part of the Old Kuching Smart Heritage (OKSHe). Kampung Heritage offer you a unique enriching experience from the traditional cultural experiences to modern society through high level of quality and efficient services. Take a journey along the Kampung Heritage Trail, through scenic kampung street. Amidst kampung houses are surau where the villages go to pray and several public spaces where they get together to go about with their daily activities. Along the streets and alleys, villages set up wooden stalls offering everything from Nasi Lemak to banana fritters. Bigger shops sell everyday household needs and basic groceries. Kampung Heritage covers all of the villages in the Old Kuching Smart Heritage boundary. Some villages include Kampung Nombor, Kampung Boyan, Kampung Gersik and Kampung Surabaya. Currently, Old Kuching Smart Heritage focus on the Kampung Nombor area where there are six (6) villages involved in the Kampung Heritage Trail, namely Kampung Patingan, Kampung Sungai Lajim, Kampung Muhibbah, Kampung Bandarshah, Kampung Seguling and Kampung Munggu Kubur. You can travel along the trail through these villages (now known as Kampung 1 - 6) on an e-Bike that comes complete with a Kiwibike mobile application.

Historical Building Heritage trail takes you on a trip to discover Kuching’s old buildings and historical monuments. Featuring more than 20 stops, the trail is perfect for history buffs to learn more about the city, its beginnings and the legacy of the White Rajah. Structures built in the 18th Century, include British Colonial buildings, temples and old shop houses standing along the trail as a reminder of Kuching’s past. Some of the most iconic buildings along the Historical Building Heritage Trail are the Brooke Memorial, the Old Courthouse, the Textile Museum, the General Post Office, the Old Sarawak Museum and the Fort Margherita, which currently are some of the most popular historical sites among tourists. There are also the world’s renowned the Old State Mosque, the Old Fire Bridge Station, the Indian Mosque, the Tua Pek Kong temple, the Square Tower, the St. Thomas Cathedral, the Astana, the Chinese History Museum and the Old Sarawak Steamship building.

25 Heritage Trail Stops
  1. Old State Mosque
  2. Old Fire Brigade Station
  3. Sikh Temple
  4. Islamic Museum
  5. Old Government Printing Office
  6. Indian Mosque
  7. Central Police Station
  8. The Astana
  9. Square Tower
  10. Brooke Memorial
  1. Old Court House
  2. The Japanese Building
  3. The Round Tower
  4. Textile Museum (Pavilion)
  5. Dewan Undangan Negeri Building
  6. Old Sarawak Steamship Building
  7. General Post Office
  8. St. Thomas Cathedral
  9. Museum Sarawak
  10. Hiang Thian Siang Ti (Lao Ya Keng) Temple
  1. Fung San Si (Seng Ong Kong) Temple
  2. Fort Margherita
  3. Chinese History Museum
  4. Tua Pek Kong Temple
  5. Resevoir Park

Historic Business Heritage Trail takes you to some of the city’s thriving businesses located within the earliest trading districts in Kuching. They are mainly located along the Kuching Waterfront, Courthouse Road, Carpenter Street, India Street and Gambier Street just to name a few. Old shops from the early 1800’s still stand to this day, many of them kept in their original state so as to retain their unique features that can no longer be seen in more modern areas within the city. Carpenters, blacksmiths, fabric sellers, old coffee shops as well as handicraft and souvenir parlours selling and manufacturing some of the most unique local products are to be expected when you venture along this trail. It is the perfect trail to discover amazing souvenirs and little keepsakes to remind you of your travel here.

The Riverfront Heritage Trail covers areas along the Kuching Waterfront, including the beautiful esplanade and the Main Bazaar along the river. You can choose to either walk along the esplanade and see the historical features of Kuching Waterfront, or take the iconic Perahu Tambang to get a river view of all the landmarks along the trail, such as the Astana, Fort Margherita, Square Tower and the Malay village on the banks of the Sarawak River. For a higher vantage point, the Darul Hana Bridge offers a gorgeous view of the Kuching Waterfront, the DUN Building and beyond. The colorful and whimsical, Darul Hana Musical Fountain is the new iconic and latest attraction that offers you the fascinating view at night. Besides, the opposite of Kuching Waterfront also offer the authentic villages such as Kampung Boyan where you can take the Penambang to across the Sarawak River and explore the villages and several traditional foods, snack and souvenir while adore the view of Kuching Waterfront.