Fort Sylvia, Kapit

Fort Sylvia is a fort built in 1880 and renamed after Rani Sylvia Brooke, wife of Rajah Charles Vyner Brooke, in 1925. The fort’s whitewashed walls and ironwood shingled roof are home to a mini-museum and handicrafts centre managed by the by Tun Jugah Foundation.

The Tun Jugah Foundation was given the responsibility of conservation and renovation works, which commenced immediately and was completed by December 1998.

It houses a fine collection of ethnic arts and handicrafts, heirloom jars, brass cannons and historical documents, and a collection devoted to the life of the late Tun Jugah ak Barieng, Temenggong (supreme chieftan) of the Rejang Iban and one of Sarawak’s foremost independence leaders.

There are quite a number of exhibits displayed in the museum:-

  • Community wall of fame
  • Tun Jugah Gallery
  • Hall of fame

Fort Sylvia

The Forts opening hours are as follows:

  • Tuesday – Sunday: 1000 – 1200, 1400 – 1700
  • Monday/Public Holidays: Closed

Entrance fees:

  • No charges applied.

Contact Number:

  • Tel: +6082 239672

Travel Tips:

  • Bring drinking water with you.

Getting There

Express boat from Sibu to Kapit

3 different seat classes to choose from (front, middle and back of the express boat)
Fares: RM25, RM30 & RM35
Takes about 3 hours, dependent on water levels

Once in Kapit, the town can be navigated on foot.

Location Map

  • Fort Sylvia

  • Fort Sylvia
Culture and Heritage

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