4 Amazing Bars To Check Out In Kuching

Imagine the following scenario: You booked your city-escape weekend to Kuching. During the day, you will probably relax at the pool or seaside and have delicious mouth-watering food. At around seven in the evening, you plan to get dinner. You’re already done with a satisfying dinner and the clock is ticking towards 8:30 pm. What now? All you’ve prepared in advance was just the list of hotels and restaurants. Worry not, friend! Here’s a list of 4 amazing bars you can visit in Kuching, either to savour some beers in a nice atmosphere or for a good night out.

1. Monkeebar

Monkeebar Kuching

Having an evening out in this bar will not only brighten up your mood with its very cheap beer but you can also help in conserving the welfare of Borneo’s protected wildlife.
That is because Monkeebar promises one-third of its profit to be donated to the Orangutan Project.
Not convinced yet?
Maybe Tripadvisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence’ and number 1 spot on ‘Nightlife in Kuching’ is more reason for you to visit.
Pretty neat!



12 Padungan Road,

Jalan Song Thian Cheok,

Kuching 93100, Malaysia

Tel: +60 17 896 069


2. Jambu Restaurant & Lounge (CLOSED)

If you’re not satisfied with your dinner that was fancy, expensive, and not filling, there’s no worries because Jambu’s Restaurant & Lounge is ready to serve you Sarawak’s best tapas along with your favourite choice of drink. People on Tripadvisor go crazy about this bar’s tapas and choice of drinks and cocktails. Definitely your destination for a combination of good food and drinks.


Jambu Restaurant & Lounge

No. 32 Jalan Crookshank,

Kuching 93100, Malaysia

Tel: +60 82 235 292

3. The Library (CLOSED)

Being in Sarawak can be very exhausting as you are inundated with many daily activities. A great way and time to relax after such a hectic schedule would be to relish in one of the comfy seats of The Library. Indulge yourself with their extensive menu of alcoholic beverages and foods that you won’t find easily at other bars in Sarawak. Blackened fish fillet and lamb shanks are just some of their specialties. Hop into The Library and enjoy the flair this bar has to offer!


The Library

Parcel G1 - G7, Ground Floor, ST3 Shopping Mall,

Kuching 93350, Malaysia

Tel: +60 19 633 8866

4. Drunk Monkey Old Street

As Monkeebar’s follow up on Tripadvisor’s list of ‘Nightlife in Kuching’ and also crowned with the ‘Certificate of Excellence’, the Drunk Money Old Street definitely deserves its spot in this listing. The very old school styled bar boasts a wide variety of international beers and ciders.
Visit the Drunk Monkey Old Street and let the evening atmosphere charm you as it did with many reviews on Tripadvisor and Foursquare.


Drunk Money Old Street

68 Carpenter Street,

Kuching 93000, Malaysia

Tel: +60 12 842 8188

Written by: Jade Huang from Consider Digital