A Sarawak Escape, why not?

The beauty of the natural scenery is hard to put into words; to truly appreciate it, one needs to experience it in person. Take a big step towards Sarawak’s Borneo in Malaysia where mysterious rainforests, various kinds of wild animals, and marvelous underwater world awaits you.

Follow this guide to unveil the mystery in Sarawak.

Journey 1 : Birdwatching in Sarawak

Sarawak has one of the world’s largest rainforest ecology. It breeds many kinds of creatures; birds are one of them. It turns out that Sarawak has a nickname — “The land of hornbills”, a bird characterized with a red crown on its head. Known as the “Birds of the gods” in Sarawak, legend has it that hornbills are sacred birds that can communicate with the gods. So, make a trip here to capture the beauty of the hornbills.

Bornean bristlehead (Photo credit: Ling Sie Huong)

Black and yellow broadbill (Photo credit: Ling Sie Huong)

Journey 2 : Jungle Walking

Could it be that what you look forward to most when you come to Sarawak is walking through the mysterious rainforest?

You will find crystal clear rock pools, the biggest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, and all kinds of exotic rare flora and fauna as you take a stroll. It’s like walking into the world of Disney’s animated movie - Tarzan.



The Rafflesia has no specific season but the rainy season provides better blooming frequencies. It takes nine months to mature and flowering lasts only 4 or 5 days before dying. The Rafflesia generally bloom throughout the year, November, December and January can be regarded as the peak flowering season as the frequency of blooms is high.

Not only do the hiking tours in Sarawak bring you closer to nature, it also opens up opportunities for you to approach local indigenous people and get a peek into their lives.

Journey 3 : Mountaineering trip

In Sarawak, whether you are taking an easy, cool and comfortable stroll through the low land rainforest or climbing the more challenging hilly mountains, the magnificent views are extraordinary and rewarding.

Pinnacles, Gunung Mulu National Park


As you walk through the mountain forests, you can find all kinds of things: animals and plants that cannot be named only can be found in Sarawak; waterfalls and rivers along the way; and magical views of nature. This is truly a delightful surprise.

The sceneries from the hill looking down to the lush green tropical rainforests amidst the floating mist in the air, a wonder of nature, will not disappoint any hikers.

Journey 4 : Diving and snorkeling

Sarawak is a great diving and snorkeling destination. The underwater world is full of distinctive blue corals, colorful seaweed, vibrant and peculiar fishes; everything is so beautiful. For friends who love diving and snorkeling, Sarawak’s underwater world is not to be missed!


Tropical ocean fish

Journey 5 : Exploring the caves

With a torchlight beaming into the dimness of an unknown journey ahead, as one winds through the narrow seams in the dark cave - the mystery and curiosity conjure imageries of the movie Indiana Jones.

These pictures are taken by an outdoor sport enthusiast on an exploratory trip to the caves.

Wind tunnel, Gunung Mulu National Park

Sarawak is home to hundreds of world-class caves. To those adventure seekers, Sarawak offers a one-day or several-day cave expeditions led by knowledgeable, experienced experts and local guides. Participants must bring adequate equipment and use appropriate attire. Safety at your own risk and do practice SOP & physical distancing. Explore the best of the mysterious caves with peace of mind.

Gunung Mulu National Park

Niah National Park

When exploring these caves, you will see firsthand the majestic hugeness of the space. Do you know that there are internal rivers and streams? And yes, some of these are underground. Amazing, isn’t it? Be prepared to squeeze through rocks and cracks and experience other unexpected, invigorating and thrilling adventures. You will also get to see the wondrous strange variety ofinsects. Open the door; get out there. The world is so big. Go on a unique adventure. Get-up close and personal with nature!