All Hail Sarawak Laksa!

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Your favourite Sarawak dish was just crowned the Best Asian Food by TasteAtlas, with a score of 4.8 out of 5 stars. With such a recognition, we now know why the late Anthony Bourdain called Sarawak Laksa “The Breakfast of the Gods” and he’s absolutely right.

Taste Atlas Food Ranking Laksa

TasteAtlas, the world’s first interactive food map, describes dishes and ingredients from all over the world. The platform allows users to search by ingredient, place or dish, providing a wealth of food knowledge just at the click of a button. It calls itself as a “world atlas of traditional dishes, local ingredients and authentic restaurants”.

Source: TasteAtlas website:

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa is unique because its influences are not from one dominant community where the dish was originated by the Kuching Peranakan (Straits Chinese) community. Instead, it’s a cornucopia of local tastes and flavours unique to the varied people of Borneo.

Sarawak Laksa

Sarawak Laksa is a noodle dish made up of vermicelli rice noodles soaked in a shrimp-based broth brewed from 30 different herbs and spices, thickened with coconut milk then topped with beansprouts, boiled prawns, shredded chicken, slices of omelette and fresh coriander. A local secret to enhance its flavour is to add a squeeze of lime and some sambal belacan (shrimp paste).

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