Bako National Park: what to do in one day?

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Bako National Park is conveniently situated, just 40 km from Kuching, the capital of Sarawak. This makes Sarawak’s smallest National Park perfect for a day trip for nature lovers. Bako NP has 18 beautiful hiking trails of different length and is home to many flora and fauna species. Make sure you will spot the famous proboscis monkey, the shy silvered leaf monkeys and the bearded pigs. Your day trip to Bako NP won’t be complete without them!

The Bako National Park hiking paths vary from easy strolls to full day jungle hikes. There are 7 hikes that end on the beach and 11 hikes within the park. The shortest hike is just 30 minutes, the longest one takes 7 hours. There is always a hike that fits best with your wishes, whether you are travelling with young kids or if you are an elderly couple.

The pride of Bako NP, the proboscis monkey, cannot be missed. The monkey is also called the ‘Dutchman’, has a huge nose and long tails. You will recognise them by their funny noises. Other monkeys to spot are the cheeky macaques and silvered leaf monkeys. If you’re lucky you may spot an orange baby silvered leaf monkey. And last but not least: the bearded pigs. Often waiting to welcome travellers at the beach of Bako NP. The pigs relaxingly stroll along the shores of Bako National Park, looking for food.

Furthermore, Bako NP is home to tiny blue and orange crabs, snakes, grasshoppers, thousands of other interesting insects and more. A true paradise for wildlife lovers.

Quokka Travel wrote a post on their travel blog about Bako National Park, called “BAKO NATIONAL PARK: WHAT TO DO IN ONE DAY?“. They share travel tips for a one-day visit to Bako National park, including hiking trails, wildlife spotting and practical information.

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