Bario Highland, Baram, Miri

Bario means ‘Wind’ in Kelabit language (the correct pronunciation is ‘Bariew’).Lying at an altitude of between 3400 to 6000 feet above sea level in the north-eastern corner of Sarawak is the famous. Bario Highland, a Kelabit territory, one of the minority Orang Ulu tribe of Sarawak.As it is in the highland, the weather is different from the low land, here it is colder at night & hotter during the day time as compared to the low land weather.There are about 13 villages located in & around Bario area, while Kampung Bario Asal is the original village of Bario.

Bario Village

Recommended tour:

Visit the Bario Asal village longhouse, Bario Market/handcraft, Bario Village Museum located at SK Bario, taste the famous Bario pineapple plus visit the farm and Bario Rice (or locally known as Adan Rice).

Getting there:

  • Daily flight departure from Miri to Bario via MASWings Twin Otter & about 45 mins flight.
  • By 4WD will take you on rugged logging road along the terrains from Miri to the Highlands & journey approximately 10-14 hours (depends on the road condition & weather).