Endless food in Kuching Festival

Can you handle not going out during the short-lived summer holidays in August? The annual Sarawak Kuching Festival is underway. What attracts people worldwide to this annual festival?
Exciting Kuching Festival

Exciting Kuching Festival

Kuching Food Festival
There are many events happening in Kuching, but one of the highlights of each year is definitely the food festival.

A dazzling array of food stalls in the lively food square, plus the aroma of food permeating everywhere makes it very exciting.
Lively food festival

Lively food festival

You will be able to taste specialty food and beverages from all over the world. There’s roasted, stewed, steamed, boiled, and stir-fried food. Let me introduce you to the tempting delicacies served in previous years.

Coconut ice cream
How can there be no refreshing ice cream during the summer? Here is a delightful coconut ice cream which will melt in your mouth; it has a mellow Nanyang coconut flavor and is very suitable for the summer! There are various ice cream flavors to choose from at the food festival: why not taste them one by one.
Coconut ice cream inside a coconut

Coconut ice cream inside a coconut (Image source: Instagram@victorkiu)

Churros, a sweet snack that looks like fried dough sticks are easy to spot at the food festival. Originated in Spain, churros are best eaten hot. It can be eaten with jam and chocolate sauce. You will love this if you have a sweet tooth and liking for warm desserts.

Churros (Image source:Instagram@churrosfactory)

Curry Fish Ball
Curry fish balls, one of Hong Kong’s classic street foods, are unexpectedly available at the festival. The small curry fish balls are springy, delicious and fascinating to locals and foreigners alike.
Curry fish balls

Curry fish balls

Crocodile Meat
Do you dare to eat crocodile meat? There are eye-catching stalls selling crocodile meat here. The meat is high in protein, has a chewy texture, and actually tastes like chicken with a mildly fishy flavor. Come and try this one-of-a-kind dish. You won’t regret it.
Crocodile meat

Crocodile meat (Image source:

Grilled saury
Barbecued food stalls are essential for food festivals. You will smell the fragrant aroma of barbecued food as you step into the open air food square! You have to try the grilled saury. Cooked on the grill with charcoal fire, the charcoal smell penetrates into the fish. There is only one word for it: delicious!
Grilled saury

Grilled saury

Taro Meat Dumplings
Chinese food is very popular here as there are many Chinese locals in Sarawak. You can find zongzi (sticky rice dumplings) which are usually available up till the Dragon Boat Festival. There are different types of fillings. Locals prefer dumplings with meat and taro fillings. Why not give it a try?
Taro meat dumpling

Taro meat dumpling

Extra Long Fries
The super long french fries that are popular in Japan can also be found at the Kuching Food Festival. Deep-fried french fries are crispy and tempting. It is even more unique and irresistible when they are topped with various sauces according to your preference.
Extra long fries

Extra long fries (mage source: Instagram@debbie_junli)

Fried oyster omelette
The Chaoshan fried oyster omelette is a delicacy that can make many Chaozhou Chinese reminisce the taste of their hometown. The aroma flowing from the large oysters roasting on a hot iron plate with egg and flour mixture is fragrant and mouthwatering.
Fried oyster omelette

Fried oyster omelette (Image source: Instagram@victorkiu)

Date of the event: 27 July-18 August 2019

Time: 6pm-11pm

Venue: Dewan Masyarakat & Kuching Park

More Events
Folk dance performances
There are many traditional, multicultural folk-dance performances to watch. Local and foreign dancers, through wonderful music, light up the stage at the festival. It is to welcome tourists from all over the world to a carnival of primitive and wild dances.
Folk-dance performance

Folk-dance performance (Image source:

Hockey games
Sports competitions are also one of the highlights of the festival. Those who love sports events may wish to watch the local hockey games in Sarawak. Hockey, also known as lawn hockey, is one of the oldest Olympic events. At the Kuching Festival, you will see fierce hockey matches and feel the charm of this ancient sport among teams from Sarawak and other states of Malaysia.
Hockey game

Hockey game (Image source: Pexels)

How is it possible that there are only these activities available at the Kuching Festival? There are more activities waiting for you. There is endless fun at the Kuching Festival: children playing delightful games, splendid drama performances, zumba performances, and even fireworks display.
Kuching Festival fireworks display

Kuching Festival fireworks display (Image source:

Follow the timetable for the events for Kuching Festival 2019,and take part in the activities you like.

 timetable for the events for Kuching Festival 2019
The events will end on August 18, 2019. Hurry up if you want to experience the lively atmosphere and delicious food from different countries.
About the Kuching Festival-Things you do not know-Do you know how many Sarawak Kuching Festivals have been held to date? It turns out it is already the 31st round this year. The Kuching Festival was originally held to celebrate Kuching's promotion to “City” status on August 1, 1988. It has since evolved into a carnival full of people.