Enjoy Rainforest World Music Festival in Comfort and Style

Want to enjoy the electrifying energy of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 but are you tired of standing in the masses? This year, the festival organizers have the perfect solution for you!

Enjoy the whole festival evening show from an elevated platform with perfect view of both the tree, and the jungle stage. The so called corporate seating area comes complete with spacious seating, fans for those hot nights in the tropics and of course a roof to stay dry just in case it starts raining. After all, it isn’t called RAINforest for nothing!

No need to be afraid to miss any of the action happening on, or in front of the stage! The generous seating area is in plain view of everything that’s happening in the cultural village, so come and experience the Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 while enjoying special VIP treatment and comfortable seats!

For all these privileges, the access passes to this special area are sold at only RM 90 per Person. The Corporate seating area is also perfect for bigger parties or company outings. Why not celebrate your festivity or take your employees and co-workers to experience an outing of a lifetime at Rainforest World Music Festival 2012 on July 13 – 14 – 15 at the Sarawak Cultural Village in Kuching, Sarawak.

To purchase kindly call Idawati at 082-423600 or email leisure@stbwesitev2.offline