Experience the beauty of Miri

Miri has plenty to offer for those who know where to look. Sarawak’s second largest city is home to many famous attractions, hidden gems and surprises that will wow and charm you. The coastal city offers beautiful seas and beaches, diving spots, mountains and cave systems that make it stand out as a travel destination like no other.

Miri seahorse light house, Sarawak, Malaysia

The charming seaside sunset

Leave your footprints on the fine white sandy beaches of Tusan Beach, well known for its long coastlines and stunning sunsets.

The Tusan cliff - which resembles a wild horse drinking water - is the most iconic attraction at this location. The cliff was a hotspot for sunset photos until it was destroyed in early 2020, suspected to have been caused by heavy rain. A reminder of how nature can create, destroy and shape the natural landscape.

Tusan Beach (Before)

Tusan Beach (After)

Niah National Park

Not many people have experienced exploring cave systems, let alone one that is deeply entrenched in the early days of humanity. The Niah National Park, located approximately 80km from Miri City, holds a significant piece of the puzzle to the early inhabitants of Sarawak.

Archaeologists have discovered a 40,000-year-old human remains in the park’s caves. The cave systems also feature murals dating back to more than 12,000 years.

Other activities at the park include jungle walks, visiting Iban longhouses and exploring the massive limestone cave systems.

Niah-cave-entrance, Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia

Niah Caves

Gunung Mulu National Park

The world renowned Gunung Mulu National Park is another one of Miri’s wonders. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for many of its spectacular caves and the animals that call the mountainous rainforest setting home.

Sarawak Chamber is the world’s largest cave. It is said to be spacious enough to accommodate 40 Boeing 747 planes. Its unique landscape includes underground rivers, tunnels and natural rock formations.

Mulu Cave

The Deer Cave is another of Mulu’s well known cave. The name may be misleading as the cave itself houses no deer but millions of bats instead. The bats will fly out to forage for food every evening, their large numbers blocking out portions of the sky, a spectacular sight indeed.

Bats flying out of Deer Cave

Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park

Those seeking adventure of another kind do not need to look far as Miri is also a popular dive destination for both locals and foreigners. The Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Parks is located just 10 minutes from the Marina Bay Jetty and boasts pristine patch reefs covering depths of 7 to 30 metres.

Diving at Sibuti Coral Reef

Eve Garden is a shallow reef with a depth of about 7 to 12 metres. It has a large variety of soft and colourful corals teeming with marine life. The reef is also characterised by schools of yellow tail fusiliers and angelfish that frequent the area.

Diving at Sibuti Coral Reef

The Miri-Sibuti Coral Reefs National Park also features an Anemone garden with a depth of around 10 metres. The garden has an astonishing number of sea anemones and clownfish. The diverse marine flora and fauna found on this dive site will surely leave a lasting impression on all visitors.

Other notable diving sites include Belais Reef, Tukau Drop-Off, Santak Point, Siwa Reef, Barracuda Point, Sri Gadong Wreck and Kenyalang Artificial Reef.