Kuching Old Bazaar


Kuching Old Bazaar was one of the first bazaars in Sarawak. The area has witnessed many changes over the past 200 years of its history.
They are gathering and writing the story of Kuching's old bazaar: the traditions, kinship and family trees, cuisine, lifestyle & festivals. The objective is to capture this valuable intangible cultural heritage so it can be recorded and become an important legacy of this historical area.

They are a survey team appointed by the Kuching Old Market Community Association to record the History and Cultural Heritage of Kuching Old Bazaar.
The survey team includes UNIMAS academics & researchers; historical & cultural writers, journalists and editors. This programme is supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture, Sarawak.

They will openly invite those with historical connections or with stories/photos to share of Kuching Old Bazaar to participate in our online questionnaire and keep in touch with us. Please also leave your contact details for our team to reach you in the future.

Thank you & stay safe.

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