National Geographic Orion expedition cruise ship in Sarawak

Kuching was the port of call for the second time in 2014 for the expedition cruise ship, National Geographic Orion.

The hundred and seven passengers were given a Sarawak welcome at the Sim Kheng Port, Kuching on the 4th of October. After visiting Bako National Park, the multi-national visitors went on a Kuching City Tour. They also visited the Semenggoh Wildlife Center located within the Semenggoh Nature Reserve. Here, they watched semi-wild orang utans gather for their twice-a-day feeding ritual; and only if food was scarce in the jungle, Discussion was held on ongoing orang utan behaviours and on the successful programme of reintroducing thousands of these primates back into the wild.

The ship was on a 13-Day Wild Encounters - Borneo to Bali cruise. The passengers came from US, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Indonesia, UK and France. There were sixty five crew members on board the ship.

A passenger being garlanded by an Iban maiden watched on by representations of the Bidayuh, Orang Ulu and Malay community.

The National Geographic Orion at the Sim Kheng Hong Port, Kuching

About National Geographic Orion

The new National Geographic Orion is a state-of-the-art expedition ship that sails to remote ports across the Pacific, from Borneo and Papua New Guinea to the tropical archipelagos of Micronesia, Vanuatu, and Indonesia's Spice Islands.  The Orion is equipped with diving and snorkeling gear, enabling guests to fully explore the reefs and wartime shipwrecks encountered.

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