Sarawak Photography and Videography Competition

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Sarawak Tourism Board has launched its Photography and Videography Competition 2022 themed "Hidden Gems of Sarawak"! All photographers, amateur, professional, and students alike, are encouraged to enter this exciting contest to promote Sarawak Tourism and state loyalty!

Capturing Sarawak’s rich beauty in a photograph can be a daunting task. The sheer magnitude of the landscape is awe-inspiring! But beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder. Here’s 5 top locations that you can photograph while in Sarawak!

Sarawak is a biodiversity hotspot and its forests, caves, wildlife, mountains and beaches are its main attractions. With a new category in the Photography competition, My Hometown/My City, one can easily find spots in Sarawak! Kuching is a fascinating city with a colourful history. Its heritage buildings include stunning Chinese temples, Floating Masjid India Mosques, Kuching’s Fort Margherita, vibrant street markets such as Uptown Metrocity, Borneo Cultures museums, and cat statues which is a famous tourist spot. Not to mention Sarawak’s one and only, DUN-Sarawak State Legislative Building. Its distinctive "payung" roof has become an icon for Sarawak.

Discover Sarawak at night by going to the Darul Hana Bridge in Kuching, Sarawak. Kuching's Waterfront is teeming with locals enjoying family time. View the Waterfront from the centre of the bridge and enjoy the lights from the Waterfront as well as a fountain show with music and strobes! Now that is how you capture Sarawak at night!

Sarawak is famous for its nature of course! Did you know Gunung Gading is home to the world's largest flower, the rafflesia! At that, visit Wind and Fairy Cave Nature Reserve and Tasik Biru in Bau. With the Photography Competition’s Going Green and Nature’s Wonders category, there is nothing that you cannot picture once you are there!

The Photography and Videography competition is open to all Malaysians nationwide and will run
until 15 December 2022. With new categories being added this year, such as the "TikTok" category, that will surely pique your interest! Participants can submit up to five (5) photos in each category and one (1) video for the competition. Each participant can only win one (1) prize for photography and one (1) prize for videos.

The winners of the photography and videography competitions will be announced on the Official Facebook page of Sarawak Travel, Malaysia, Borneo and the Sarawak Photo Art Society

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