Sarawak Regatta-Kuching Waterfront Festival

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Traditions have been a very significant part of Sarawak’s heritage and identity for many years with its generations-old customs dating back to the Brooke era. One of such is the annual Sarawak Regatta Festival which will be held at the famous landmark the Kuching Waterfront, a favorite of both locals and visitors for entertainment, food, and music. This year’s festival will be held from the 3rd to the 5th of November just along Kuching’s Waterfront with lots of exciting and fun-filled activities for you and your family.

The Sarawak Regatta is a boat race event which is held in various cities along the majestic Sarawak River participated by individuals from various government departments, Sarawakian villages, and neighboring cities. Its main purpose was to promote unity and encourage interracial interactions, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Cheer on your favorite teams in this exhilarating battle for the grand esteemed title of ‘Raja Sungai’, King of the River.

There are other exciting activities taking place on land as well in conjunction with the Kuching Waterfront Festival. You are spoiled for choice of food with the many Sarawakian Kitchen booths where you can feast on traditional delicacies as you spectate the games. There will also be a Craft Bazaar for you to shop handicrafts as a memento to remember this event. Get hands-on experience of weaving and crafting your own handicrafts with the guidance of experienced artisans at workshop booths. This is a good opportunity to support local businesses as these booths are occupied by SMEs selling authentic ‘made in Sarawak’ products. This could also further enhance the tourism industry besides introducing the local arts and crafts across the globe and hopefully one day bring our arts and crafts to the world stage.

Step into a world of glamor and color at the Peragaan Busana (fashion show) held during the festival. This event showcases works by up-and-coming designers with hopes of bringing recognition to their ideas of a fusion of rich culture and modernism. It aims to propel the local fashion industry to greater heights on a larger global scale. For enthusiasts of fashion, design, and culture, the Peragaan Busana would be the highlight for festival-goers. You can also explore and expand your horizons by learning to appreciate the hard work of local designers and to value local designs.

An entertainment-packed day awaits you at the festival with live acts by various talents. From competitions like Kids’ Talent Night, Festival Gendang, and Battle of the Bands to cultural musical performances such as theatrical plays, Sound of Borneo: Rhythm of Sarawak as well as native martial arts presentations, there is something for everyone to enjoy. We do encourage locals and tourists alike to find some time to drop by and enjoy the festivities to have a once in a lifetime experience which should not be missed.

What started off as a boat race has evolved into a celebration in honor of Sarawak’s unique ethnicities and talents. Don’t miss out on this festival for an experience of culture. As a revered local gem, we kindly request that all visitors help maintain the cleanliness of the area by disposing of their trash correctly and prevent littering during the event. Together we make Sarawak a more liveable and thriving city in years to come. For more information on the Sarawak Regatta, visit to read more about the tradition’s history and its previous year’s events.