A Visit to Semenggoh Wildlife Centre

Located 24KM from the Kuching City, the major attraction of Semenggoh Wildlife Centre is the Orang Utan.To get there, you have 4 options depending on your budget.

1. Public Bus
Visitors can take the City Public Bus, bus no. K6, rate RM3.50 per way. First bus depart at 7.15am and the last bus depart at 4.15pm; for every 3 hours interval. Note that the bus will stop at the entrance of Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and you will have to walk for about 20 – 25 minutes from main entrance to Orang Utan's feeding area.

2. Shuttle Bus
Shuttle bus also available
at RM10 per person, which can be arranged with the tour operator or by the hotel.

3. Taxi
Taxi to Semenggoh cost about RM40 per way and the price is negotiable if the you want a return trip.

The best time to visit Semenggoh will be in the morning and afternoon for the feeding sessions.
That's when you have a good chance of meeting the semi-wild Orang Utan returning to the Centre for a free meal. Feeding time is between 9.00am-10.00am in the morning, and 3.00pm-3.30pm for afternoon session. Make sure you are there before feeding time.

During the feeding hour, visitors will be briefed on the dos and don'ts at the Orang Utan feeding area.

Two young orang utans hanging from ropes while feeding
Its normally the younger ones that provide the antics to the amusement of audience

The feeding time takes about 1 hour. While we were there, the Orang Utans stayed on the trees while having their meals. Visitors like me will just have to watch from below. It is such a wonderful feeling seeing the young ones playing freely while having their meal; knowing well that their pictures are being taken.

The largest male and orang utan at Semenggoh Nature Reserve - Ritchie

Ritchie - the oldest, the biggest and some say the meanest!

Feeding times provide a unique opportunity to witness the Orang Utan at a close range. These Orang Utans are either on the wooden platform, or on a nearby tree, or hanging on the ropes. Visitors will have an excellent view, a remarkable photo opportunity, and ample time to appreciate the intelligence and the beauty of these fascinating forest creatures.