Uma Bawang & Bakun “Jalatong Kita”

This trip is aim to discover Uma Bawang, Apo Koyan Chalet and its cultural, plus introducing the unique Bakun “Jelatong” (Floating house) located on Belanum river including the exciting and fun activities such as fishing, trekking, river and lake cruise.

The location:Jalatong

The Itinerary


Kuching / Sibu / Miri to Bintulu: Uma Bawang, Apo Koyan and Bakun Lake

  • Transfer overland Bintulu Airport to Uma Bawang (it takes 2 and a half hours,approximately 52 KM)
  • Meet Uma Maren (Chief) Mr.Duren of Uma Bawang.
  • Tour the 112 doors longhouse and Chalet (JKKK Uma Bawang)
  • Transfer overland from Uma Bawang to Bakun Lake jetty (approximately 75 KM, one and a half hours)
  • From Jetty Proceed to Bakun Jalatong kita (location of floating house) which takes approximately 50 minutes by boat .
  • Afternoon, river and lake cruise to nearby “Balanum” river.
Jalatong2 Jalatong2 Jalatong2
At the local market
Uma Bawang Uma Bawang
Uma Bawang Uma Bawang
Uma Bawang, Apu Koyan, MU Daren
Chalet JKKK Uma Bawang1
Chalet JKKK Uma Bawang1 Chalet JKKK Uma Bawang
Chalet, JKKK Uma Bawang, 3 bedrooms, RM 30.00 per person per night
JalatongKita JalatongKita1
JalatongKita1 JalatongKita5
JalatongKita1 JalatongKita5

Jalatong Kita (Floating house lodge)


  • Boat transfer to the nearest Jungle trek.
  • Jungle Trekking and travel up stream of Belanum river.
  • Kuman Bahek (local Kayan dialect) or gathering foods & having meals together. Experience and learning about fishing and casting net.
Trekking Trekking
Trekking Trekking

Jungle trekking

bakun fishing bakun fishing
bakun fishing bakun fishing
"Kuman Bahek" - casting the net for fish and having meal together


  • Jalatong (Floating house) returning by boat back to Bakun Jetty. Proceed to Bintulu Airport marking the end of our 3 days 2 nights trip.

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Prepared By:
Jessie Mangka
Tourist Coordinator, Visitors Information Centre Sibu, Sarawak Tourism Board