Betong plays a significant role in Sarawak history, as it was where many protests against the Brooke administration took place. These clashes also resulted in the building of Fort Lily some 164 years ago during the Brooke era in an attempt to thwart attacks by Iban warrior, Rentap and his followers. The fortress also served as an administration centre and a police station in Betong and is the oldest fortress in the state.


Visitors will find that the temperature in Betong typically varies from 24°C to 26°C, with the warmest month of the year being November. Tourists can also expect to experience showers in Betong, as the average annual rainfall in the town is 1464 millimetres. Holidaymakers intending to visit Betong can make full use of a trip in September, which has been reported to be the time with the least rainfall.

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