Kuching was the administrative capital throughout the times of the Brunei sultanate, the White Rajahs of Sarawak, and during the British Colonial rule before Sarawak joined the Malaysian Federation in 1963. The rich history of the city is showcased throughout Kuching, as you can see various historical landmarks such as the Old Court House, the Astana, and Fort Margherita, dotted along the city’s landscapes, telling tales of long ago that are still being passed down from generation to generation.


Blessed with a tropical rainforest climate with temperatures ranging between 19 °C to 36 °C, Kuching is also well-known for its rainfall. With an average annual rainfall of approximately 4,200 millimetres, Kuching experiences up to 247 rainy days per year and is averaged as the wettest populated area in Malaysia. The wettest times are during the North-East Monsoon months of November to February, while the dry season for Kuching begins from June till August.

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