Historically, Limbang was the object of dispute between the Brunei Sultanate and the White Rajahs of Sarawak as the Brunei Sultanate was forced to cede the district in 1890. The geographical location of Limbang is peculiar as well, due to the fact that it is sandwiched between two parts of Brunei and till today most transportation links between Limbang and the rest of Sarawak have to go through Brunei because of the undeveloped interior of the district.


The climate in Limbang is relatively warm throughout the year, although there is significant rainfall in Limbang with about 3673 millimetres of rainfall annually. The average temperature for Limbang is 27.4 °C, and visitors to Limbang can expect more showers in November as compared to March, which is reported to be the driest month. The cooler month in Limbang is January, where the average temperature 26.9 °C.

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