Sri Aman

Formerly known as Simanggang, Sri Aman has its own historic stories to tell, dating back to the times of the Brooke administration. One heritage structure that has stood witness to the history of Sri Aman is Fort Alice, which was built in 1864 following the victory of the Sarawak Rajah over Rentap, the last of the major Iban chieftains of the time. The fort served as a defensive structure controlling the Lupar River and played a major role in suppressing piracy, and slavery while encouraging trade and expanding the authority of the Rajah. The fort has now been converted into a museum, displaying relics and artefacts of a time long gone.


Like the other districts in Sarawak, Sri Aman has a tropical climate with temperatures ranging between 23°C and 31°C. The town also records significant rainfall throughout the year, with an average annual rainfall of 3331 millimetres.

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