Uma Belor Leo Dian Kayan longhouse Sg Asap

Uma Belor Leo Dian (Belor Leo Dian Longhouse) is considered one of the best Kayan longhouses and potentially the longest interrupted longhouse structure in Sarawak. It consists of seven connected blocks occupied by a total of one hundred and one families with a total population estimated to be 700 people.  However, this number only happens during school holidays & major festivals such as Gawai (Harvest festival) and Christmas.  The Kayan is the largest ethnic group in the ‘Orang Ulu’ community and they are are found mainly in Baram and certain parts of Kapit division.

Uma Belor Leo Dian, a result of the Sungai Asap Resettlement Scheme, is listed in ‘Homestay’ program by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia. Visitors can experience farming and orchard activities, learn to cook interesting food or even see how the local wine ‘Burak’ is made.  If you are patient and lucky, spotting a hornbill is a bonus.

See and appreciate the intricate handicrafts of the Kayan heritage; their colourful beads, the selampit, wood carvings, the colourful hats known as ‘Hong’ or the fascinating burial house of the aristocracy. Participate in the Kayan social dance such as the ‘Datun Julut’ (long dance) accompanied by the iconic sape (lute), selingut (nose flute) and Gan Tawek (gong). The ‘sape’ is the instrument that makes up part of the renowned Rainforest World Music Festival logo and one can certainly find a few masters of the ‘sape’ residing in Sg.Asap.

With proper bathroom and toilet, trained homestay participants are ready to provide service to make sure you have a pleasant stay; be it overnight or the recommended 3D/2N stay.

Sg Asap, Bakun,

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Doing it

Getting There

Transport can be arranged in advance with the contact person/s and the type of vehicle can be a 4x4WD (5 pax) or a Van (10 pax). It takes about three hours to travel from the gateway town, Bintulu to Uma Belor longhouse.


  • arawak borneo bintulu sg asap kayan burial house

  • arawak borneo bintulu sg asap kayan burial house
Culture and Heritage

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