Spend a day at Lambir Hills National Park, Miri, Sarawak

Imagine yourself, an adventurer who wish to spend a day on jungle trekking, dipping in waterfalls, sighting of insects, wildlife and plants; but not having enough time to do so! How frustrated that can be, right?! For that, Lambir Hills National Park, located in the northern region of Sarawak, is the ideal place for you – a nature lover dream-come-true experience. Listed below are the highlights of the park:
  • Walk to the longest and toughest (within LNP) trail to the top of Bukit Lambir (465 metres) with a superb view of the rainforest.
  • The famous ‘Latak’ waterfall cascades from the Lambir Hills, forming a large pool that are pleasant to swim after a hot trek.
  • There are a series of smaller waterfalls such as the Pantu and Nibong waterfall along the Pantu trail and Pancur, Tengkorong and the Dinding waterfall along the Bakam trail.
  • Recognized as the world’s most ecologically diverse area where in just 52 hectares of the park’s 7.000 hectares, 1,050 different species of tree, each supporting 1,200 species of insect life were recorded.
  • More than half of the park is covered with rich mixed dipterocarp forest where huge, tall dipterocarp trees such as Kapur, Meranti, Kempas and Selangan Batu can be marveled at.
    Other forest types found are kerangas forest with smaller and shorter tress like rhu bukit and selunsur bukit, lower shrub, pitcher plants and orchids.
  • The four primary trails are Main, Pantu, Lepoh-Ridan and Bakam trail
  • The seven secondary trails are Latak, Nibong, Bukit Pantu, Pantu Waterfall, Summit, Tengkorong and Pancur Dinding
For those who are interested to stay overnight, listed below are the types of accommodation offered at the park:
Hilltop lodge (1 unit) – RM80. Per house, RM40 per room.
2 rooms, fan
and shared bathroom and toilet
Forest lodge type 6 (2 units) – RM 75 per house, RM50 per room.
2 rooms, fan and shared bathroom
Forest lodge type 5 (1 unit) – RM 150 per house, RM 100 per room
2 rooms air-condition, shared bathrooms and toilet
New Chalet (4 unit) – RM 150 per house, RM100 per room
2 rooms, air-condition and attached bathroom

For reservation, please contact

Lambir Hills National Park
Tel No: 085-471630/085-471609
Fax No: 085-408030

Entrance fees:

(Adult): RM10 per person RM20 per person
(Child): RM5 per person RM10 per person

Update: Effective 1 February 2019, a tax known as Tourism Tax will be imposed on tourists staying at park accommodation. It shall be the duty of the tourist to pay the Tax at a rate of Ringgit Malaysia Ten only (RM 10.00) per room per night (Tourism Tax (Rate of Tax) Order 2017 – P.U. (A) 241).

All overnight tourists are also required to present their physical passports at the Registration Counter of each park.

How to get there?
Being only 30-km (about 30-40mins drive) away from Miri City, connected by the sealed Miri-Bintulu road, the Park is easily accessible by public transport. From Pujut Corner bus terminal, visitors can get onto the commercial bus that head for (Miri-Bintulu road).

4 units-New Chalet

The existing Chalet

Public restroom

One of the many trails in the park – 4 primary and 7 secondary trails

The plank walk – Trails are clearly marked with ‘red’ bands painted on tree trunks

Latak waterfall

Latak waterfall – The biggest and the nearest
from park headquarter

The park is a favourite weekend getaway for the locals

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Authors & Photos: Yusup Labo & Mohd Amirul Bong